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Peru: The Top Foodie Destination in the World and Home to Our Produce

Posted On: January 9, 2020

Did you hear? Peru was crowned the top culinary destination in the world for the eighth consecutive year. The announcement came just weeks shy of the new year, during the closing ceremony of the annual World Travel Awards. Considered the Oscars of tourism, the 2019 edition of the WTA solidified Peru as a top producer of fresh ingredients that give way to exceptional gastronomic expressions.


In fact Peru is home to many of our all natural products including blueberries, avocados, mangos, mandarins and grapes. Thanks to the country’s diverse micro-climates, we are able to harvest lush and nutrient-dense fruit all year round.



Besides fresh fruit, Peru is known for a plentiful array of food products: coffee and cacao; superfoods such as maca; pseudo-grains like quinoa and kiwicha; the famed grape spirit, pisco, and so much more. This variance in textures and flavors has allowed national chefs and cooks to offer international palates a sensory experience like no other in the world.

For such reasons conserving Peru’s environment has become one of our top priorities. By measuring and restricting our water use, implementing natural alternatives to harmful pesticides, and nurturing local flora and fauna, we do our part in giving back to the natural surroundings that have given us so much.



We’re honored to operate in a country that is considered the top culinary destination in the world, and are motivated to continue to strive for excellence in the most sustainable way possible.

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